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Welcome to iSOMTEU
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Collaborate on documents 

share information and ideas





Read email and access your calendar, contacts and tasks



To SOMTmail

 Digital Bib VUB


Finding and consulting scientific literature.





New students/teachers
You recieved credentials in your personal inbox, to have access to SOMTel, SOMTmail & SOMTlync & Surfspot. One username and one password for four applications.
In your SOMTmail-inbox, you received credentials for the digital library of the university of Brussels.
Current students/teachers

Roadmap login

SOMTel - SOMTmail


1. Click here
2. fill in
3. You will be redirected to another page

4.1. fill in your username and password 

4.2. You don't know the password : Click "Reset Password? Click here" > 5

 5. fill in your username in the Password Reset Tool

6. a link in your private mail give you access to reset your password

 7. Start again with 1
 8.  username + password Surfspot = username + password SOMTel
Your credentials for the digital library do not change.



On SOMTelPedia, you will find information about most of the (digital) services of the SOMT.


So, on this page you also find information about working with SOMTel, SOMTmail, SOMTlync, Surfspot and the digital library.


Beware of the fact that SOMTelPedia is a part of SOMTel: you have to log in. 

To SOMTelPedia